Elementary FAQs

When can I enroll my children for school?

Enrollment can be done at any time of the year.


Do I need to take any entrance exam?

When first enrolling, it is recommended that students entering 2-8 Grades take an assessment test so you can be certain they are receiving materials appropriate to their level.


Do I receive a discount for multiple students enrolled in Seton?

Yes, for multiple students enrolled in Grades 1-12, there is a discount which increases for additional students enrolled at the same time: $50 for the second student, $100 each for the third and fourth, and $160 for each student after the fourth. Large families are a great blessing and Seton strives to be affordable for all families.


How can I afford the cost of the enrollment AND the books?

You don’t have to! The books are included with the enrollment! You get the books along with all the other services we provide when you enroll, all included in the cost of your enrollment.


Does Seton offer a payment plan?

Seton currently offers an 8-month extended payment plan for families in the United States or Canada with tuition costs over $400.


Will my child be challenged?

The curriculum is thoroughly Catholic and academically challenging. Seton has gone through the rigorous accreditation process to ensure that the curriculum will give your children the quality education they deserve.


Do you have a program designed for students with Special Needs?

Yes. Upon request, this program can be customized for your student with one of our Special Needs counselors. Click here for more details.


Do I need to return all of my student’s materials at the end of the school year?

No. The textbooks are yours to keep. However, we do request that all Lesson Plans be returned upon completion of the school year.


Can I call the counselors any time during the work week to discuss academic and homeschooling problems?

Yes! Call us; email us; whichever is more convenient for you. Don’t be afraid to contact us. Knowledgeable staff members are on hand from 9AM-5PM ET, Monday through Friday to help you. The phone number for our Elementary Counselors is (540) 636-1429.


What if unforeseen circumstances cause my children to fall behind?

The counselors are here to help, and as one homeschooling dad likes to remind parents: “The goal of homeschooling isn’t to finish in a certain time frame. The goal is to give your child a good Catholic education that will prepare him or her to live as a Christian in the world. You are only behind if you are not making progress toward accomplishing that goal.”


Can my student take a class that might not be in his/her Grade level?

Yes, there are many students who might be in a particular Grade level for most subjects, but might need a more or less challenging course in Reading or Math, for example.


Does Seton provide a diploma for Junior High or High School graduates?

Seton provides a diploma for High School graduates. Certificates for Junior High graduates are available upon request.