Seventh Grade Supplemental Reading List


Dictionary & Thesaurus:

Recommended Anthologies:

  • American Cardinal Readers, Book Seven (available at Book Seven contains forty-three stories and poems, including the following titles: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving; Evangeline, Henry W. Longfellow; Vigil of the Immaculate Conception; A Hymn, Edgar Allan Poe; Definition of a Gentleman, John Henry Cardinal Newman; Holy Ireland, Joyce Kilmer; The Martyr of Molokai; The Smallweed Family, Charles Dickens; and The Man Without a Country, Edward E. Hale.
  • Realms of Gold, Volume 2: (parental guidance advised –
  • Lives and Legends of the Saints (With paintings from the great art museums), Carole Armstrong [Note: Use this book for art; read the true stories of these saints in another anthology.]
  • The Book of Virtues for Young People, edited by William J. Bennett
  • The Old World and America, by Bishop Furlong (

Foreign Languages and Cultures:

International Children’s Digital Library (available at

Book Report Books: Saints

Mary Fabian Windeat Books (available at

  • The Little Flower
  • Saint Hyacinth of Poland
  • The Curé of Ars
  • St. Louis de Montfort

Vision Books (available at

  • Saint Isaac and the Indians
  • Saint Anthony and the Christ Child
  • Edmund Campion
  • Bernadette: Our Lady’s Little Servant
  • Saint Joan: The Girl Soldier


Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction, by David Macaulay

Selected Suggestions for Home Reading from American Cardinal Readers, Book Seven:

  • A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott
  • The Boys’ King Arthur, Sidney Lanier
  • Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Howard Pyle
  • Story of King Arthur and His Knights, Howard Pyle
  • A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel, Emmuska Baroness Orczy
  • Tales from Shakespeare, Charles Lamb
  • Captains Courageous, Rudyard Kipling


*asterisk indicates a book published by Bethlehem Books

  • Bagnold, E.; National Velvet – Velvet wants to enter her horse in the grand race
  • Benchley, N.; Bright Candles – Danish resistance in World War II
  • Bendick, Jeanne; Archimedes and the Door to Science* – ancient Greek mathematician
  • Bonham, F.; Burma Rifles – Merrill’s Marauders in World War II
  • Butler, B.; Light a Single Candle – blind girl trains with a guide dog
  • Davies, V.; Miracle on 34th Street
  • Dickens, C.; A Christmas Carol – story of Scrooge
  • Doyle, A. C.; Hound of the Baskervilles – Sherlock Holmes and Watson, detectives
  • Doyle, A. C.; Study in Scarlet – Sherlock Holmes mystery
  • Fife, D.; North of Danger – twelve-year-old boy in Norway during Nazi invasion
  • French, Allan; The Red Keep* – action-filled tale during the 12th century
  • French, Allan; The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow* – boy responds to injustice, Iceland
  • Gipson, F.; Old Yeller – old yellow dog and 14-year-old, frontier life in Texas
  • Hope, Anthony; The Prisoner of Zenda – exciting tale of mistaken identities
  • James, W.; Smoky, the Cow Horse – cowpony and his adventures
  • Kelly, E.; The Trumpeter of Krakow – adventure and mystery in Poland
  • Kipling, R.; Kim – adventures of an Irish orphan boy in India
  • Kipling, R.; Captains Courageous – story of a boy who grows up in a few months
  • Lewis, C. S.; The Chronicles of Narnia – adventure stories, conflict of good and evil
  • Lofting, Hugh; Dr. Doolittle – tale of a veterinarian
  • London, J.; The Call of the Wild – problems of survival for a dog in Alaska
  • London, J.; White Fang – dog in Alaska trained to be a fighter finally finds kindness
  • Montgomery, L. M.; Anne of Green Gables – adventures of an irrepressible orphan girl
  • O’Dell, S.; The Black Pearl – boy dives for pearls, though a giant ray is in a cave
  • O’Dell, S.; Island of the Blue Dolphins – young girl survives alone on an island
  • Saint-Exupery, A.; The Little Prince – stories of the Prince, his experiences on other planets
  • Schaefer, J.; Shane – stranger helps family in Wyoming fighting to stay on their land
  • Serraillier, Ian; Beowulf the Warrior* – saga of the ancient warrior in modern verse
  • Speare, E.; Bronze Bow – young Jewish rebel won over to the teachings of Jesus
  • Speare, E.; Calico Captive – girl is captured by Indians and endures great hardships
  • Stevenson. R. L.; The Black Arrow – swift-paced adventure of soldier, War of the Roses
  • Stevenson, R. L.; Kidnapped – David, a cabin boy, fights off a villainous crew
  • Stevenson, R. L.; Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Stevenson, R. L.; Treasure Island – Jim Hawkins and pirate Long John Silver seek treasure
  • Tolkien, J. R. R.; The Hobbit – adventures in land of dwarfs, elves, goblins, and dragons
  • Tolkien, J. R. R.; The Lord of the Rings
  • Trevino, Elizabeth; I, Juan de Pareja
  • Trevor, Meriol; Following the Phoenix* – adventure during the French Revolution
  • Twain, M.; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Tom’s pranks in school, with Huck
  • Ullman, J. R.; Banner in the Sky – boy’s exciting struggle to climb the Alps
  • Verne, J.; Around the World in Eighty Days – Englishman makes a hasty, global tour
  • Verne, J.; Journey to the Center of the Earth – explorers go down a volcano
  • von Stockum, Hilda; The Cottage at Bantry Bay* – vivid picture of Ireland
  • Wells, H. G.; The Time MachineThe Invisible ManWar of the Worlds – science fiction
  • Wibberley, L.; Flint’s Island* – sequel to Stevenson’s Treasure Island

Short Story Collections:

Henry, O.; Complete Works of O. Henry


(Name of person about whom book is written is listed first, then author and title)

  • Balboa, Vasco; Mirsky, J.; Balboa, Discoverer of the Pacific
  • Blackwell, Elizabeth; Baker, R.; First Woman Doctor
  • Braille, Louis; De Gering, E.; Seeing Fingers
  • Carver, G. W.; Holt, R.; George Washington Carver
  • Cody, William F.; Garst, S.; Buffalo Bill
  • Crockett, Davy; Shapiro, I.; Yankee Thunder
  • Custer, G. A.; Reynolds, Q.; Custer’s Last Stand
  • Earhart, Amelia; Davis, B.; Amelia Earhart
  • Edison, Thomas; North, S.; Young Thomas Edison
  • Einstein, Albert; Freeman, M.; The Story of Albert Einstein
  • Ericson, Leif; Shippen, K.; Leif Ericson, First Voyager to America
  • Faraday, Michael; Sootin, H.; Michael Farady, From Errand Boy to Master Physicist
  • Franklin, Benjamin; Benjamin Franklin; A Biography in His Own Words
  • Franklin, Benjamin; Daughtery, J.; Poor Richard
  • Franklin, Benjamin; American Heritage; The Many Worlds of Benjamin Franklin
  • Gibson, Althea; Gibson, A.; I Always Wanted To Be Somebody
  • Goethals, G. W.; Fast, H.; Goethals and the Panama Canal
  • Hamilton, A.; Crouse, A.; Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
  • Henson, Matthew; Henry, M.; A Negro explorer at the North Pole
  • Jackson, Andrew; Coit, M.; Andrew Jackson
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Wibberly, L.; Man of Liberty
  • Joan of Arc, St.; Paine, A.; The Girl in White Armor
  • LaSalle, Robert; Syme, R.; LaSalle of the Mississippi
  • Leonardo da Vinci; Horizon Magazine; Leonardo da Vinci
  • Lincoln, A.; American Heritage; Abraham Lincoln in Peace and War
  • Longfellow, H. W.; Holberg, R.; An American Bard
  • Nelson, Horatio; Horizon Magazine; Nelson and the Age of Fighting Sail
  • Nightingale, Florence; Hume, R.; Florence Nightingale.
  • Polo, Marco; Horizon Magazine; Marco Polo’s Adventures in China
  • Raleigh, S. Walter; Fecher, C.; The Last Elizabethan
  • Roentgen, Wilhelm; Grey, V.; Roentgen Revolution: The Discovery of the X-Ray
  • Roosevelt, Theodore; American Heritage; Theodore Roosevelt
  • Sequoya; Cambell, C. W.; Sequoya (devised Indian alphabet)
  • Seton, Elizabeth Ann; Power-Waters, A.; Mother Seton, First American-born Saint
  • Sitting Bull; Garst, S.; Sitting Bull, Champion of His People
  • Thorpe, James; Schoor, G.; The Jim Thorpe Story
  • von Trapp, Maria; von Trapp, M.; The Story of the Trapp Family Singers
  • Washington, GeorgeAmerican Heritage and the Making of a Nation
  • Whitney, Eli; Latham, J. L.; The Story of Eli Whitney


  • Benet, Rosemary; A Book of Americans
  • Brontë, Emily; Poems for Young Readers
  • Burns, Robert; Hand in Hand We’ll Go
  • Carroll, Lewis; Poems of Lewis Carroll
  • Longfellow, H. W.; The Hanging of the Crane
  • Longfellow, H. W.; Tales of a Wayside Inn
  • Stevenson, Robert L.; Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Tennyson, Alfred Lord; Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Tolkien, J. R. R.; The Adventures of Tom Bombadil


Day, Clarence; Life with Father

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Pauline Books and Media
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TAN Books
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Fax 815-226-7770

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