Graduation Speech Requirements

Each year many speeches are submitted from graduates and only a maximum of two will be chosen. While we hope you will accept this challenge and write your best speech, please understand that your speech, even an excellent speech, may in the end not be chosen.

  1. Speeches must be between 750 and 1500 words.
  2. Speeches must be received by email at by June 1. Any speech received after June 1 cannot be considered.
  3. Speeches must be written and given by the graduate alone, except in the case of bona fide disability. If a student has a bona fide disability we will make a reasonable effort to accommodate the disability if the speech is chosen.
  4. No speech that requires music, video, another speaker or performer, or any other accompaniment can be considered. (This is because there is no opportunity to practice beforehand.)
  5. Speeches must not attack nor contradict any teachings of the Catholic Church.
  6. Speeches may be on any topic, but should generally be appropriate for a Catholic high school graduation.  Speeches which are overly political, overly negative, etc., will be less likely to be chosen.
  7. Only one speech may be submitted per student. Please make sure what you send is your final and best effort, because revised versions of speeches cannot be considered.
  8. All speeches submitted become property of Seton Home Study School and may be used by Seton in any manner without financial compensation to the author.
  9. The decision of Seton regarding speeches chosen is final. No explanation can be given as to why any particular speech was not chosen.