Our Story

Helping Parents Since 1980

In 1975, Dr. Anne Carroll founded Seton Junior and Senior High School in Manassas, Virginia. Seton was one of a large number of parent-operated Catholic schools founded around this time. In many other cities, parents felt the need to directly control their children’s education by taking control of their children’s schools.

Pope John Paul II and Dr. Clark

As Seton’s reputation for Catholicity and academic excellence grew, families from other parts of the country began sending their children to Manassas to attend Seton. It was, of course, a difficult burden on both parents and children to suffer such a separation. And not every family could afford to pay for room and board as well as tuition at Seton. Dr. Carroll began receiving requests from parents who wanted their children to take courses by correspondence. Realizing that this was the only way to serve a growing number of families, Dr. Anne Carroll founded Seton Home Study School in 1980.

At first, the home study division of Seton occupied only a single room at the school. Not only did the few employees work in the room, but it was also the warehouse for storing the books! When Dr. Mary Kay Clark took over as director in 1985, the home study division moved to its own offices in Front Royal, Virginia. The new office consisted of about 500 square feet, and seemed palatial in comparison to the old room.

Seton Home Study School

With more space, more employees, and more know-how, Seton began to expand at a rapid pace. After a few years, Seton was able to move into a new building, with over 6,000 square feet. Then, only 18 months later, Seton moved into its present building, with over 12,000 square feet. Soon after moving in, Seton built an additional 5,000 square foot warehouse in the back to house the thousands of books needed to service students. Seton then added an additional section to the building, bringing the total square footage to 25,000. We’ve come a long way from the one room office where we began.

Seton has added many new services along the way, especially book publishing and book sales. In fact, Seton is the largest publisher of Catholic academic textbooks and workbooks for children in the United States.

Seton serves an enrollment of approximately 10,000 students, and several thousand more families through book sales and by furnishing materials to small Catholic schools.