Below is a table of Seton's tuition rates and list of all fees which may apply. Tuition must be paid in U.S. Dollars. For an easy calculation of the total enrollment cost, see the Tuition Calculator.
Base Tuition:
$210.00 Pre-Kindergarten Full Tuition
$210.00 Kindergarten Full Tuition
$510.00 Per child enrolling in grades 1-12
The following fees may be added on to the base tuition depending on grade level:
$35.00 Middle Grades Fee – applies to grades 4-5
$50.00 Junior High Fee – applies to grades 6-8
$260.00 High School Fee – applies to grades 9-12
$35.00 Math Book Fee – per book
$30.00 New Family Fee – applies to all first-time families

Multi-Child Discount

Seton has a multi-child discount built into the base tuition rates. This discount applies only to children enrolled simultaneously. The individual fees still apply to each student separately. Below is listed the base tuition rates with the multi-child discount built in:

Base Tuition:
$510.00 Base Tuition for one student
$970.00 ...for two students
$1,380.00 ...for three students
$1,790.00 ...for four students
Add $350.00 Add $350 per student after the 4th child

Book Credits

Seton does provide a discount for any course books already owned or not needed. Price varies according to text. Please have book credits ready and completed at the time of enrollment as they can not be applied after enrollment is completed.

Single Course Fees

Students may also enroll in one or more single courses. Just as with a full enrollment, tuition for a single course includes all books, lesson plans, testing, grading and all other Seton services. The table below lists the individual prices of each course.

Tuition: Courses:
$200.00 All One-Credit High School Courses
$115.00 All Half-Credit High School Courses
$115.00 Math, Reading, Religion, English (Grades 1-8)
$55.00 History, Handwriting, Science, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary
(Grades 1-8)
$30.00 Art, Music, Physical Education (Grades 1-8)
Please note: New Family fee may still apply.
Math book fees are still applicable to enrollment in one or more single math course.

Payment Plan

Seton currently offers an 8 month extended payment plan for full enrollments. This payment plan is only available in the U.S. and Canada. The downpayment and monthly rates are shown below:
Please note: Any applicable fees from above and any book credits are added to the downpayment.
# of Children: Downpayment: Monthly Payments:
1 $100.00 $59.00
2 $200.00 $110.00
3 $300.00 $155.00
4 $400.00 $200.00
After 4th Child Add $100 Down per child Add $38.00 per child
The monthly payments are either: automatically charged to a credit/debit card OR automatically withdrawn from a checking or saving account. If you choose to take advantage of the extended payment plan, credit/debit card information or checking/savings account information will be required at time of enrollment. Seton allows for the automatic monthly payments on either the 5th or 20th of each month.

Refund Policy (Effective April 1, 2017)

  1. To cancel enrollment, all lesson plans and unused books must be returned to Seton along with a letter indicating cancellation. For purposes of a refund, all times are based on the shipment date, not the start date.
    1. The cost of any used or unreturned books will be deducted from any refund due.
    2. After 1 month, Seton is due ¼ of annual tuition;
      after 2 months, Seton is due ½ of annual tuition;
      after 3 months, Seton is due ¾ of annual tuition;
      after 4 months, Seton is due full tuition.
  2. Shipping and handling fees and the New Family Fee ($30 per family), if applicable, are non-refundable.
  3. If upon cancellation a refund is due from Seton, that refund will be issued to the signer of the enrollment contract within 30 days of the date of receipt of the returned books.
  4. No refund is available for the Pre-K or Kindergarten curriculum after four weeks.

Tuition Calculator

This tuition calculator will give you a general idea of the cost of a typical enrollment. Based upon your individual circumstances, your actual tuition may be somewhat higher or lower than the amount reported by the calculator.

New Family Fee

Pre-Kindergarten children

Kindergarten children

children in grades 1-3

children in grades 4-5

children in grades 6-8

children in grades 9-12

Plan A:

Payment Plan: