High School Information


Seton Home Study School, a Catholic school located in the Diocese of Arlington, is an accredited educational institution. Click here to access our accreditation page for more information about our accreditation.

Counseling Services

Teachers are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Seton counselors can help you with questions about your studies as well as help you to plan your courses. A counselor is as close as your telephone, Internet message board, or e-mail. With Seton, you are never alone. We are with you every day, every step of the way.

Guidance Counselors

Guidance counseling is available for all high school students. You may request a counseling call when you apply for admission if you have questions or concerns. Seton will initiate a counselor call when test scores indicate the necessity, or when courses requested on the application are out of sequence.

Diploma Options

Seton’s academic diploma should be the perfect choice for almost all students, but for students going to the most elite universities like the military service academies might be interested in an advanced academic diploma which is almost the equivalent of 5 years worth of high school in 4 years. Seton also has a special services department and a general diploma option for students who might not be able to complete the regular requirements. Our counselors can provide more information. 

Non-Diploma Students

If you are enrolling only for supplemental courses, or do not intend to receive a diploma through Seton, please let us know at the time of enrollment. You can change your status at any time by speaking to a high school counselor.

College Application Tip

For college application purposes, remember to check with the colleges you may be interested in attending, as their requirements for admission may vary. Please contact the Guidance Department should you have any questions.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the high school diploma program, Seton requires the following:

  • completing Seton assessment tests, and
  • a transcript of any previous high school courses.

A copy of previous report cards showing high school courses and grades earned should be sent to Seton with the application. This will help to determine courses needed, and will suffice until the previous school sends the official transcript.

Official Transcripts with Application

Students transferring into Seton are required to submit a transcript of previous high school courses. This helps the counselors determine the proper courses needed for graduation. If you do not have an official transcript, a report card or homeschool transcript will suffice.

At the time of enrollment, transcripts can be e-mailed to transcripts@setonhome.org or faxed to 540-622-5562.

Theology Credits Required

As a Catholic school in the Diocese of Arlington, we require all students who are enrolled full-time to enroll in a full credit of theology during each year they attend Seton.

Transferring Outside Credits to Seton

Seton generally accepts transfer credits from other schools, though not all credits may apply towards graduation requirements. A high school counselor will evaluate submitted transcripts to determine which courses will transfer. Questions about high school transcripts and transfer credits can be directed to the Guidance Department at guidance@setonhome.org.

Transfer of Credits from Seton

Since Seton is an accredited school, any other school should accept our credits. However, it is up to you to seek approval from any high school you may attend.

Credits Needed for Transfer Students

To comply with our accreditation requirements, students must take at least 25% of Seton’s required credits to receive a diploma, regardless of the amount of credits earned from other schools, and be fully enrolled in twelfth grade. This would be a minimum 5.5 credits for the Academic and General diplomas, and 6.5 for the Advanced Academic Diploma.

Beginning Mid-year

Students may enroll at any time of the year. We accept half-credits, but we do not accept one-quarter credits. Students with only one quarter of work will need to start at the beginning of the Seton course. Contact a Seton Guidance Counselor to help determine which courses are acceptable.

Obtaining Transcripts

Requests for Seton high school transcripts should be made through the online transcript request form under the RESOURCES section of your MySeton account. Usually, transcripts will be sent within one week of your request, but please give us two weeks’ notice. A minimal processing fee may apply.

Grading Policy

Certain assignments must be sent to Seton to be graded in order to earn credit. These are indicated in the lesson plans, and are summarized in part B of the Quarter Report Forms near the end of the lesson plans. All of these assignments must be completed to earn a Seton grade.

Many courses provide the opportunity for parents to submit their own grades. These are optional, but when submitted, parent grades will be averaged with the Seton grades for 25% of the final grade for each quarter.

Dual Enrollment

Seton accepts dual enrollment credits from community colleges. As with all transfer credits, there are some courses which may not apply towards the Seton graduation requirements. Visit Dual Enrollment to learn more.

ACT and SAT Tests

Please contact the college of your choice, in your sophomore year of high school if possible, to determine which test they require. Seton’s high school guidance counselors can help you with any questions you have about college, vocational schools, technical schools, and military enlistment.

The major testing companies, such as those that administer the ACT and SAT, also maintain websites which can help you.
Please use Seton’s CEEB code (470902) when registering for a test.

SAT website: www.collegeboard.org
ACT website: www.act.org

Special Services

A student with learning difficulties or attention problems may need some modification to a standard curriculum.

Click here for more information about our Special Services Department.