Consumer Math
Catholic Homeschool High School Course
Consumer Math deals with issues of interest to teenagers, like buying a car and purchasing food and clothing. It also addresses subjects important to adults, like living on a budget, banking, keeping good tax records, and purchasing a home.

The Christian text presents a Scriptural view of working, tithing, saving, and paying taxes, and presents positively the American free-enterprise system. Each unit contains sample problems and a wealth of practice problems.

An analytical skills section in each chapter challenges students to analyze real life issues. Filled with charts, graphs, and illustrations to spark student interest, Consumer Math is informative and fun.

For students seeking the Academic and General Diplomas, Consumer Math can be substituted for Algebra 2 as the third year of Math.

MAT121 |  Credit: 1  |  Prerequisites: None
Highly Recommended
Included Books
Consumer Math by A Beka