Catholic Homeschool High School Course
In this course, the student will learn about Mathematics in Chemistry; Systems of Measurement; Matter; Energy; Atoms and Molecules; Atomic and Molecular Structure; Polyatomic Ions and Molecular Geometry; Chemical Reactions; Solids; Gases; Acids; Bases; and Salts. Lessons explain Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, and Reduction-Oxidation Reactions. The course is written in simple English and employs an easy format.

Each section contains an outline, On Your Own Sections, Experiments and Examples, summaries, Study Guides, and Practice Problems.

For those who desire lab credit, the experiments are built into this text, so you do not need a separate lab manual. Labs included in the text.

SCI401 |  Credit: 1  |  Prerequisites: Algebra I
Included Books
Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition, by Apologia
Optional: Lab Kits* , Solutions Manual*

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