Recommended Course Schedule

Seton has Subject Credit Requirements to receive a diploma option which presents the total courses needed by the end of High School, but in order to give you a better idea of what each of your years with Seton might look like, we have the Recommended Course Schedule below. When you enroll, you would select which courses you want to do this year. As part of the enrollment process, one of our High School Counselors will review your selections to make sure you are on the path to completing the diploma requirements.

There are many factors which should help shape your course list, e.g. whether you are new to Seton and whether you already have High School level courses you have taken for credit. If you have multiple students in high school, you might want to consider having students take certain courses at the same time like Theology, Foreign Language, Social Studies, and Science. The lists below are recommendations to help guide your decision.

Courses listed as “required” need to be completed in order to graduate, but do not necessarily need to be taken in the exact grade level presented below. Seton does require that all fully-enrolled students take a Theology course each year.

Once enrolled, after any initial transfer credits are accepted, diploma-seeking students are required to take Seton’s English, Theology, Biology, and History courses as opposed to earning these credits through our Independent Study program or transfers.

To receive a Seton diploma, a student must receive a minimum of 5.5 credits from Seton.

Recommended Course Schedule

 9th Grade (5 credits or 5.5 for New Students)

  1. English (Literature and Composition – required)
  2. Mathematics (Algebra 1 – required)
  3. Science (Physical Science – recommended)
  4. Theology (Catholic Doctrine – recommended)
  5. Elective* (World Geography – recommended)
  6. (New Students Only) English (1/2 credit) (Fundamentals of Grammar – required)

10th Grade (6 credits)

  1. English (Literature and Composition II – required)
  2. Foreign Language (Spanish I Online – recommended)
  3. Mathematics (Geometry – required with the Online Teaching Textbooks version recommended)
  4. Science (Biology – required)
  5. Social Studies (World History – required)
  6. Theology (Understanding the Scriptures – recommended)

11th Grade (6 credits)

  1. English (Literary Interpretation – required)
  2. Foreign Language (e.g. Spanish II Online)
  3. Mathematics (Algebra II – recommended)
  4. Social Studies (U.S. History – required)
  5. Theology (1/2 credit) (The Early Church and the Fathers – recommended)
  6. Theology (1/2 credit) (Moral Theology – recommended)
  7. Elective* (American Literature – recommended)

12th Grade (5 credits)

  1. English (British Literature – required)
  2. Science (Chemistry – recommended)
  3. Social Studies (1/2 credit Government – required)
  4. Social Studies (1/2 credit Economics – required with the Online version recommended)
  5. Theology (Catholic Apologetics – recommended)
  6. Elective (1/2 credit) (Personal Finance – recommended)
  7. Elective (1/2 credit) (Creative Writing – recommended)

*Electives can be taken from any course Seton offers or through Independent Study.