Diploma Requirements

Seton offers three high school diploma options:
General, Academic,
and Advanced.

The Academic diploma is the standard diploma that the great majority of our students seek, and which is in line with the requirements for almost any college or university.

The Advanced Academic diploma is a program Seton instituted in 2014 in an attempt to offer an organized path towards taking Seton’s more rigorous courses while rewarding students for that extra work. Many states have Advanced Diplomas, and Seton’s is based on the Virginia version.

With added Math, Science, and Language requirements, this diploma is meant for students who might be trying to get into programs related to those fields, such as engineering, or into upper echelon schools such as Ivy Leagues or Military Academies.

The General Diploma is an option for students that might not necessarily be looking to attend four year university or college immediately out of high school, or might be considering going to local community colleges or vocational schools.

The overall credit requirement is the same as the Academic diploma, 22 credits, but the foreign language requirement is dropped.

Remember that you are not locked into a diploma option. If a student is enrolled for the Advanced Diploma and wants to switch over to either the Academic or General Diploma, that is perfectly acceptable.

Once enrolled and after any initial transfer credits are accepted, diploma-seeking students are required to take Seton’s English, Theology, Biology, and Social Studies courses as opposed to earning these credits through our Independent Study program or transfers.

To receive a Seton diploma, a student must receive a minimum of 5.5 credits from Seton (or 6.5 credits for an Advanced Academic Diploma) and be fully enrolled in 12th Grade.

The course requirements for each diploma are given below. Click here to review the Recommended Course Schedule.

Subject Credit Requirements