Moral Theology

Catholic Homeschool High School Course

This course uses the textbook Morality for Catholic Students by Thomas J. Centrella. This book includes three main sections. The first section discusses the foundations of morality: the truths and principles that support a sound approach to morality based on right reason and the teachings of the Catholic Church. The second section focuses on the Ten Commandments, as well as many important conclusions that follow from these Commandments. The third section emphasizes Christian perfection. This section includes an effective strategy to resist temptation, as well as a discussion on Christian charity and the Beatitudes.

This course aims to help students develop an authentically Catholic understanding of morality, which is critical in today’s world. Armed with a solid foundation in Catholic moral teaching and a well-formed conscience, students will be better equipped to go out into the world and face the moral issues of today, as well as those moral issues that arise tomorrow.

THE303 |  Credit: 1/2  |  Prerequisites: NONE

Moral Theology or Precepts of the Moral Law REQUIRED

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Morality for Catholic Students

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