The Early Church and the Fathers

Catholic Homeschool High School Course

In The Early Church and the Fathers, students are immersed in the first centuries of Christianity, studying the historical events that shaped the beginning of the Catholic Church and reading the actual writings of the Church Fathers.
The teachings of the Catholic Faith rest upon the two pillars of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. The Church Fathers are the men who helped preserve the Sacred Tradition passed on from the Apostles. Reading the writings of these first Christians is like stepping into a time machine and traveling back to the first centuries of Christianity. What did these first Christians really believe? How did they live? What rituals and ceremonies did they have? Who were the authorities among them (if any)? The answers to these questions and many more appear clearly in the writings of the Church Fathers.

THE302 |  Credit: 1/2  |  Prerequisites: NONE

The Early Church and the Fathers or Mass and the Sacraments REQUIRED

Included Materials

Course Manual, The Fathers of the Church (3rd Edition)

Course Features

Color Lesson Plans

This course features Seton’s updated course manual design. The entire lesson plan is printed in full color and is filled with sacred artwork and historical maps.

The intuitive design of the lesson plans guides the student through each day’s work and also directs them to SetonOnline when there are interactive elements relevant to an assignment. Visual elements are contained throughout to draw attention to important course milestones and assignments.

Convenient checkboxes are associated with each assignment so that students can keep track of progress easily.

Study Guides

To help prepare students for each test, printed study guides are included to make studying for each test easier. These study guides have been designed to give students a comprehensive review of course objectives and a clear understanding of tested material.

For students that prefer an interactive study and test prep experience, interactive study guides are also included in SetonOnline.

SetonOnline Features

Daily Interactive Reviews

In SetonOnline, each day provides a quick interactive review to assess the student’s understanding of the lesson. These optional quizzes are a fun and easy way for a student to immediately know if they’ve grasped the meaning of the lesson content.

Interactive Pre-Tests

Before taking each test, students are given the opportunity to take a specially designed pre-test to prepare them for each test. These pre-tests are great study aids and ensure students feel confident before taking each test.

Engaging Multimedia

All images and maps throughout the course manual are presented within SetonOnline in high resolution. Additionally, audio lectures are provided throughout the course that come from the podcasts developed by the author of the textbook that serve as an engaging reinforcement and elaboration of the material studied each week.

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