Computer Literacy

Catholic Homeschool High School Course

Seton’s Computer Literacy course teaches students the basics of how to use a computer. It starts with the fundamental concepts needed to understand computers, such as the operating system, the hardware, and the software. It also addresses how to troubleshoot common computer errors and problems.

From there, the course moves on to teach students how to use the most common programs in the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Lessons cover such topics as: creating files, copying and pasting, word processing layout, spreadsheet formulas, database tables, and presentation graphics. The text includes hands-on tutorials in almost every section. The accompanying online interactivities for the course allow students to practice these tutorials step by step, even if they do not have access to the Microsoft Office Suite. Interactivities also cover using the online versions of Microsoft Office (Office 365) programs.

The final section of the course covers using the Internet, including: how the Internet works, how to use search engines, how to interact with others online, and how to use the Internet as safely as possible.

CMP424 |  Credit: 1  |  Prerequisites: None

Included eBook

IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide – eBook in SetonOnline (Print book optional and can be purchased from

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