Algebra II
Catholic Homeschool High School Course
This course continues the Saxon methodology of Algebra I. The text not only treats the more advanced topics that are traditionally covered in second-year algebra, but also covers some geometry.

Specific topics include further development of concepts introduced in Algebra I as well as: imaginary and complex roots of quadratic equations; solutions of simultaneous linear and non-linear equations and inequalities; conic sections; logarithms and antilogarithms; exponential equations; basic trigonometric functions; advanced factoring techniques; proofs of congruence; deductive reasoning; properties of parallel and perpendicular lines; properties of triangles; chords, arcs, and inscribed angles in circles; basic geometric constructions; Venn diagrams; vectors; polar and rectangular coordinate systems; set theory; advanced algebraic word problems; and mathematical aspects related to concepts in physics and chemistry.

MAT101  |  Credit: 1  |  Prerequisites: Algebra I
Included Books
Algebra II by John Saxon, Solutions Manual
Optional: Interactive CD*

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