American Government Online
Catholic Homeschool High School Course
This fully online high school American Government course introduces students to fundamental concepts of American Government and political philosophy.

This course is taught from a Catholic perspective, and incorporates Catholic teaching in its analysis of political philosophy and contemporary issues.

Course sections include: Catholic Political Theory, American Political Theory, the Federal Government, Abortion in America, Foreign & Domestic Policy, State and Local Government, Elections, and the Role of the Press.

In the second semester, students conduct an in-depth study of the Judicial branch of the Federal government by studying the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. This decision is studied from a Catholic perspective, and students will learn how to defend their pro-life convictions using reason and logic.

Features: Seton-Produced Videos, Embedded Third-Party Videos, Interactive Section Reviews, Interactive Test Preparations

SOC422 |  Credit: 1  |  Seniors only
Exclusively Online

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