SAXON Geometry
Catholic Homeschool High School Course
Saxon Geometry is a Geometry course taught in the standard Saxon manner of incremental development of concepts over several lessons and through continuous review of these concepts in later lessons.

It provides the student with lessons covering all the standard Geometry concepts taught in classical Geometry textbooks, but with a lesser focus on traditional two-column proofs. Simplified engineering “real world” examples, and problems requiring geometric solutions are presented throughout the textbook.

The textbook contains 120 lessons, 15 labs, and 12 investigations. Testing consists of 12 parent graded tests and 12 tests to be submitted to Seton for grading. Two different types of supplemental commercial videos may also be purchased.

MAT211 (15A) |  Credit: 1  |  Prerequisites: Algebra I

A Geometry credit is required unless students take the following 3 Saxon courses: Algebra 1, Algebra II, and Advanced Math I

Included Books
Saxon Geometry (Textbook), Saxon Geometry Solutions Manual
Optional: Interactive CD*

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