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The Accounting Game


MAT416 | Credit: 1/2 | PREREQUISITES: None

Seton’s basic accounting course uses the book The Accounting Game, which was developed as a tool in a seminar for non-accounting, business executives. It was written to give these businessmen a better understanding of the three basic accounting documents: the Balance Sheet, the Cash Statement, and the Income Statement, or Profit / Loss Statement (P&L). The book follows a young entrepreneur as he learns his business with a lemonade stand.

The textbook includes many hands-on exercises and an answer key. Seton has added several supplements in the lesson plan to make some areas more clear. This is not a bookkeeping course. There are no journal entries or book closings to worry about in this course.

TEXT: The Accounting Game

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The Accounting Game


ELE403 | Credit: 1/2 | PREREQUISITES: None

You will learn how to locate accurately and quickly the keys on the keyboard to type words, sentences, paragraphs, business letters, charts, and research reports. Once you have learned keyboarding, researching on the Internet, sending e-mails to family and friends, and posting messages on the MySeton message boards will be an easier process.

The textbook is Keyboarding Skills by Diana Hanbury King, who is the author of the Writing Skills series of books. The method of instruction in the book involves three of your senses: seeing, hearing, and touching. With your fingers in position on the keyboard, you will look at the letter in the book to be typed (seeing); say the name of the letter (hearing), and press the key (touching).

TEXT: Keyboarding Skills

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