Computer Courses
Understanding Computers

Introduction to Computers

MAT408 | Credit: 1/2 | PREREQUISITES: None

This course is designed to help students develop computer literacy by teaching various computer applications and computer technologies. The student will learn the processing cycle, data and information storage, input and output functions, and information systems.

TEXT: Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow

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See inside this book.	Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2010

Computer Programming

MAT414 | Credit: 1 | PREREQUISITES: None

This course uses two different programming languages to teach computer programming. The first half of the course uses Small Basic to teach the basic concepts of programming. Because Small Basic is an interactive programming environment, the student will receive immediate feedback and more easily learn fundamental concepts.

After learning the basic concepts in Small Basic, the course switches to the graphical environment of Visual Basic Express. Visual Basic Express is based upon the .NET programming system from Microsoft, which is a very popular Windows-based programming tool.

Students will learn such concepts as structured programming, object-oriented programming, event-driven programming, binary numbers, branching logic, using functions, arrays, constants, forms and controls, and programming for the Internet.

Working copies of both Small Basic and Visual Basic Express are included with the course books.

TEXT: Small Basic: An Introduction to Computer Programming, Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2015

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