Seton High School Religion Courses

Theology Courses
Catholic Doctrine
Baltimore Catechism No. 3 (Grade 9)

THE101 | Credit: 1 | PREREQUISITES: None


This course was originally titled Religion 9.

This course is an overview, appropriate to the high-school level, of the four pillars of the Faith: the Creed, the sacraments, the Commandments, and prayer. The course also contains basic apologetics in the lesson plans, which is designed to address the high school student’s deeper intellectual questions about the Catholic Faith.

This is a SetonOnline aligned course. Enrolled students receive access to the print and digital versions of the course, and can use both interchangeably.

The digital course features include video lectures for each lesson, interactive quizzes, Catholic multimedia, and a narrated audio version of the catechism.

TEXT: Baltimore Catechism #3


Sacred Scripture

Students can meet the Sacred Scripture course requirement by using either of the two Sacred Scripture courses listed below.

Understanding the Scriptures
Introduction to the Bible

THE201 | Credit: 1 | PREREQUISITES: None

Coming Summer 2018

This course uses the textbook Understanding the Scriptures by Dr. Scott Hahn and presents a thorough examination of the history of salvation as presented in Sacred Scripture. It studies Divine Revelation through its sources in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

This book presents a Catholic approach to Scripture, highlighting the theme of covenant. Tracing a path through salvation history, the book explains the various books of the Bible and the importance of each event in salvation history. This course provides explanations of Sacred Scripture that will allow students to better understand and appreciate the truths of the Catholic Faith.

Content note: At the beginning of the beautiful full-color textbook, there are a few images of Renaissance art that depict Adam and Eve in an unclothed state (such as Michelangelo’s painting of the Creation of Man from the Sistine Chapel).

TEXT: Understanding the Scriptures


Biblical Exegesis
Introduction to the Bible

THE253 | Credit: 1 | PREREQUISITES: None

This course was originally titled Religion 11.

This course uses the textbook Introduction to the Bible by Fr. John Laux. The student begins by studying the purposes, origins, and versions of the Bible. Then the student studies the books of the Bible, both individually and in their natural groupings. Besides the doctrine and spiritual message of each book, the student will study the historical and social context of the Bible. The lesson plans include supplemental materials on such topics as the Suffering Servant, Types of Christ, and the Incarnation.

TEXT: Introduction to the Bible


Sacraments & Morality
Mass and the Sacraments

THE401 | Credit: 1 | PREREQUISITES: None


This course was originally titled Religion 10.

The first semester of this course covers the Mass, the sacraments, and sacramentals. The textbook used in the first semester of the course is Mass and the Sacraments by Fr. John Laux.

The second semester of the course covers Catholic morality. The textbook used in the second semester is
Catholic Morality by Fr. John Laux.

TEXT: Mass and the Sacraments, Catholic Morality, Understanding the Mass


Catholic Apologetics
Following Christ in the World

THE301 | Credit: 1 | PREREQUISITES: None


This course was originally titled Religion 12.

This is a course about apologetics, or the use of reason, and reasoned arguments to explain and justify the beliefs and moral code of the Catholic Church. This course aims to prepare the senior student for life in the modern world. Topics in this course include, the theology of the Trinity, the Incarnation, and Redemption, Catholic philosophy about government, war and peace, and marriage and family issues such as contraception, abortion, and euthanasia, among others.

TEXT: Following Christ in the World, Catholic Apologetics