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World History
Christ the King, Lord of History Text

HIS401 | Credit: 1 | Prerequisites: None


As Anne W. Carroll writes in her text, Christ the King: Lord of History, not all events make history, but only those events which have made a difference in the world. Historians need to make choices. “Each historian will write about the events he thinks are important and will give his own point of view.

“This history book, therefore, will be based on the fact that the Incarnation is the central event in history and that everything else that has happened has meaning in relationship to this event…. We will find out what happened in history, why it happened, what its results were, and what difference it made afterwards.”

TEXT: Christ the King: Lord of History, Historical Atlas of the World)

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American Government Online

SOC422 | Credit: 1 | Prerequisites: None


This fully online high school American Government course introduces students to fundamental concepts of American Government and political philosophy. This course is taught from a Catholic perspective, and incorporates Catholic teaching in its analysis of political philosophy and contemporary issues. Course sections include: Catholic Political Theory, American Political Theory, the Federal Government, Abortion in America, Foreign & Domestic Policy, State and Local Government, Elections, and the Role of the Press.

In the second semester, students conduct an in-depth study of the Judicial branch of the Federal government by studying the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. This decision is studied from a Catholic perspective, and students will learn how to defend their pro-life convictions using reason and logic.

FEATURES Seton-Produced Videos, Embedded Third-Party Videos, Interactive Section Reviews, Interactive Test Preparations

This fully online course is an alternative to our textbook-based American Government SOC462 course below.

Honors American Government
American Government in Christian Perspective (3rd Ed.)

SOC462 | Credit: 1 | Prerequisites: None


Though our nation has made great progress in many areas, there is still more which needs to be done to bring America close to God and His Biblical principles. Christians must realize that by working and praying together, as well as by understanding our government process and becoming involved in our government, America can practice true justice towards all. Chapters include: Government Under God, The Shaping of American Government, The Constitution, The Legislative Branch, The Legislative Process, Legislation and Economics, The President, The Federal Courts, Constitutional Provisions and Amendments, Bureaucracy and the American Economy, State and Local Government, Maintaining Law and Order, The Economics of Freedom, Liberalism, and Conservative Thought.

TEXT: American Government in Christian Perspective, The Federalist Papers, Cliffs Notes on The Federalist Papers


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This textbook-based course is an alternative to our fully online American Government SOC422 course above.

American History
Christ and the Americas Text

HIS301 | Credit: 1 | Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors


This course is designed to prepare the Catholic high school student to be a leading citizen for the future. The text was written by Anne Carroll, “from a Catholic point of view. This involves two elements. First, those events specifically relating to the Church and to important Catholics are covered in detail, and their relation to and impact on secular history are clearly shown. Second, events which are not explicitly ‘religious’ are examined with Catholic principles clearly in mind: Catholic principles of morality and of political and social justice.”

Lesson plans have been supplemented with essays by our own historian and novelist, Bruce Clark. Mr. Clark’s discussion of American history makes history come alive.

TEXT: Christ and the Americas, Atlas of U.S. History


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World Geography
World Geography A Physical & Cultural Approach

HIS121 | Credit: 1 or 1/2


This course combines physical and human geography, helping students to understand their relationship to the Earth and to other peoples of the world. Along with the study of the world’s lands and seas, special emphasis is placed on the influences of geographic environment. Supporting the narrative, which is presented in readable and interesting style, are maps, photographs, diagrams, and charts.

The first semester, first two quarters, are required for the Academic and General Diplomas, for a half-credit. All four quarters are required for the Advanced Academic Diploma.

TEXT: World Geography, Classroom Atlas


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Economics Online
Economics Online

SOC312 | Credit: 1/2

Seton Online

This fully online high school economics course is designed to make economics interesting and relevant to students. The course provides students with a basic literacy in economics, reviewing concepts such as the market economy, production, supply and demand, the interaction of the government and the economy, and currency. This course is unique insofar as it presents economic practice and theory from a thoroughly Catholic perspective.

This fully online course is an alternative to our textbook-based Economics SOC452 course below.

Advanced Economics
Economics Work and Prosperity 3rd Ed.

SOC452| Credit: 1/2 | Juniors & Seniors Only


The textbook Economics: Work and Prosperity was written by the famed Catholic philosopher Russell Kirk. The course covers all the basics of economics, such as what economics means to the student, the concept of a market economy, production, supply and demand, the interaction of the government and the economy, money, and saving for the future. Relevant for today’s student.

TEXT: Economics: Work and Prosperity, Test Booklet


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This textbook-based course is an alternative to our fully online Economics ELE312 course above.

Catholic Guide to the Americas

SOC452| Credit: 1/2


This online course takes students on a guided tour of the Western Hemisphere. Students begin by studying each of the states within the United States, learning interesting aspects related to culture, history, geography, and economy. Special attention is given to Catholic culture or history in each state.

After completing the review of the States, students study places throughout Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Each day is augmented with images to enrich the material, and carefully hand-picked videos from around the internet bring the content to life.

TEXT: Online Course Content