SetonOnline Digital Courses

These new courses combine the traditional homeschooling experience with cutting-edge online tools that deepen and enrich homeschooling for both students and parents.

Choose the amount of online use that is right for you.


Families have varied expectations for how much time their high school students should spend on the computer or rely on online learning.

With SetonOnline aligned courses, students can complete their course work in three ways:

Entirely Offline

Complete the course without the benefit of the online resources or online course. Everything necessary is contained in the printed course manual.

Both Online & Paper

Alternate seamlessly between the online course in SetonOnline and the printed course manual. Course resources are obtained through SetonOnline, arranged both topically and according to lesson schedule.

Entirely Online

Complete the course entirely online without use of a course manual. SetonOnline contains all content from the course manual, enriched with extra multimedia.

What are SetonOnline aligned courses?


Aligned courses include an enhanced color lesson plan and access to SetonOnline course content. The courses are designed in such a way to allow students to easily alternate between formats without losing their place. Students may use the online course exclusively, the print course manual exclusively, or find a balance between the two that is right for them.

This aligned model allows for superior flexibility with the online courses. With many online offerings of other schools, a computer crash doesn’t just bring the computer down, it also brings the school schedule to a halt. With Seton’s aligned courses, parents won’t have to worry about technical glitches or lack of computer availability slowing a student’s academic progress. If computer access is limited, the student can fall back to the print lesson plan without difficulty. It works the other way, too! If a family is traveling and has access to the internet, the student will no longer need to worry about packing up a whole set of lesson plans just to stay on track. The course content is just a few clicks away.

SetonOnline digital courses harness the latest technology to make homeschooling more engaging and effective for Seton high school students.


Integrated Multimedia

Intuitive Design

Interactive Lessons

Powerful Parent Tools

Flexible and Self-Paced

Accessible Anywhere

Available Courses

The following courses are available for enrollment in the 2024 academic year:

English Courses

Theology Courses

Business and Computer Courses

Social Studies


Foreign Languages

These courses are exclusively available online and utilize Rosetta Stone for the daily lesson materials. Course instructions and assessments can be found within SetonOnline. For more information about our Rosetta Stone course line-up, please see


These courses are exclusively available online and utilize Teaching Textbooks as the primary course material. Course instructions, daily lesson plans, and other materials can be found in SetonOnline. For more information about the Teaching Textbooks course line-up, see

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extra fee for SetonOnline digital courses?

There is no additional fee for accessing course content in SetonOnline. If your student is enrolled in a course that has SetonOnline content, access is included with the price of tuition.

Does Seton grade all assignments?

SetonOnline operates just like typical Seton courses. Seton grades the quarterly tests and compositions, but in many courses parents are expected to provide a home grade for other assignments. Answer keys or grading guides for these assignments are provided.

Throughout the SetonOnline courses, there are interactive quizzes and study-helps that are automatically graded. While these do not contribute to the overall course grade, students have found these auto-assessed interactive lessons to be very helpful in preparing for tests.

Do SetonOnline digital courses require internet access?

Yes, SetonOnline digital courses require internet access. To access the SetonOnline interface, an internet connection and internet browser is required.

Parents should also be aware that some courses feature links to external sites or incorporate third-party embedded videos (from EWTN, YouTube, C-Span, etc.) that complement the lesson material being studied.

Are there any print textbooks for SetonOnline digital courses?

Some SetonOnline courses are entirely online (such as Economics). Other courses, however, include textbooks or works of literature. In these cases, the digital courses provide directions, multimedia aids, and other useful helps in understanding the readings assigned.

Are SetonOnline courses taught by a live instructor? Is there a required start date?

SetonOnline courses do not have a live instructor, so you are not bound by any specific start dates or attendance schedules. Each SetonOnline course offering has multimedia features to help the student with the course material.

As with our print-based courses, students may contact our academic support staff at any time via email or by phone during normal business hours.

Are SetonOnline courses flexible?

SetonOnline digital courses are completely flexible. You may start whenever you like and proceed according to your own pace. All courses have a recommended daily and weekly schedule, but students are free to progress more quickly, or take more time as their needs and schedule require.