SetonOnline Digital Courses

These new courses combine the traditional homeschooling experience with cutting-edge online tools that deepen and enrich homeschooling for both students and parents.

SetonOnline digital courses harness the latest technology to make homeschooling more engaging and effective for Seton high school students.



Integrated Multimedia


Intuitive Design


Interactive Lessons


Powerful Parent Tools


Flexible and Self-Paced


Accessible Anywhere

Available Courses

The following courses are available for enrollment in the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • American Government | 1 Credit
  • High School Economics | 1/2 Credit
  • English 9 | 1 Credit
  • English 11| 1 Credit
  • English 12| 1 Credit (Coming Soon!)
  • Fundamentals of Grammar | 1/2 Credit
  • American Literature | 1 Credit
  • Honors American Literature | 1 Credit (Coming soon!)
  • World Literature | 1 Credit (Coming soon!)
  • Honors World Literature | 1 Credit (Coming soon!)
  • Honors Shakespeare | 1/2 Credit (Coming soon!)
  • Catholic Doctrine | 1 Credit
  • Understanding the Scriptures | 1 Credit
  • Moral Theology | 1/2 Credit (Coming soon!)
  • Computer Programming | 1 Credit
  • Computer Literacy | 1 Credit (Coming soon!)


Seton is working to create digital versions of all existing high school course offerings to families desiring this more interactive format. Because these courses will completely align with the print-based lesson plans, as new online courses become available, students will be able to switch over to the online format smoothly. Switching can be done without interruption to their progress in the course.

Seton is committed to continual improvement of our existing print-based course offerings, as well as our new online offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extra fee for SetonOnline digital courses?

There is no additional fee for accessing course content in SetonOnline. If your student is enrolled in a course that has SetonOnline content, access is included with the price of tuition.

Does Seton grade all assignments?

SetonOnline operates just like typical Seton courses. Seton grades the quarterly tests and compositions, but in many courses parents are expected to provide a home grade for other assignments. Answer keys or grading guides for these assignments are provided.

Throughout the SetonOnline courses, there are interactive quizzes and study-helps that are automatically graded. While these do not contribute to the overall course grade, students have found these auto-assessed interactive lessons to be very helpful in preparing for tests.

Can I switch to a digital course if one is released after my student starts a paper-based course?

In most cases, it will be easy for your student to switch over to a digital course. Most upcoming SetonOnline courses are based on existing print-based offerings, with assignments and readings in alignment. These courses are designed to make a mid-year transition to the online version easy and intuitive.

An exception would be courses that are entirely new offerings that do not correspond to an existing course offering. For instance, the online Economics and American Government courses do not correspond to existing print courses.

Do SetonOnline digital courses require internet access?

Yes, SetonOnline digital courses require internet access. To access the SetonOnline interface, an internet connection and internet browser is required.

Parents should also be aware that some courses feature links to external sites or incorporate third-party embedded videos (from EWTN, YouTube, C-Span, etc.) that complement the lesson material being studied.

Are there any print textbooks for SetonOnline digital courses?

Some SetonOnline courses are entirely online (such as Economics). Other courses, however, include textbooks or works of literature. In these cases, the digital courses provide directions, multimedia aids, and other useful helps in understanding the readings assigned.

Are SetonOnline courses taught by a live instructor? Is there a required start date?

SetonOnline courses do not have a live instructor, so you are not bound by any specific start dates or attendance schedules. Each SetonOnline course offering has multimedia features to help the student with the course material.

As with our print-based courses, students may contact our academic support staff at any time via email or by phone during normal business hours.

Are SetonOnline courses flexible?

SetonOnline digital courses are completely flexible. You may start whenever you like and proceed according to your own pace. All courses have a recommended daily and weekly schedule, but students are free to progress more quickly, or take more time as their needs and schedule require.