Pre-K Catholic Homeschooling Curriculum

Pre-K Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten Grade Subjects



Art is a key component in every book throughout the Pre-K curriculum. In addition to the art in our Adventures with Books and the Pre-K Coloring Books, our Religion for Young Catholics—Pre-Kindergarten incorporates beautiful Catholic pictures and drawings to foster art appreciation even at this young age. The art appreciation throughout the Pre-K curriculum is simply a preview of our future grade levels and the beautiful Catholic art that is incorporated into every textbook.

Early Literacy for Young Catholics
Early Literacy

In Early Literacy for Young Catholics, your student will learn the essential skills of vocabulary, phonics, and letter knowledge. The book also introduces colors, simple counting, and measurement. While many children are not going to be reading in Pre-Kindergarten, the workbook lays the groundwork for solid reading skills as your child progresses through her education. This book is full of exercises and activities that make learning fun and are designed to nurture your child’s wonder, enthusiasm, and curiosity. The book is filled with examples of God’s creation as part of your child’s daily life.

The importance of reading aloud to young students is incalculable to their long-term success. Because of this, Seton includes six wonderful read-aloud picture books with your enrollment: Johnny Appleseed, Annie and the Wild Animals, Miss Rumphius, Blueberries for Sal, The Queen and the Cross, and The Saint and His Bees.

In Adventures with Books, your child will practice coloring, cutting, pasting, and following directions while learning neatness and carefulness with books. He will learn basic colors, how to color correctly, and basic shapes, along with a few familiar concepts, such as up-down, big-small, and left-right.

In Do It Carefully, your child will move from shapes to letters to words. She will begin with tracing lines and designs, progressing on to printing her name. Your child will be introduced to initial consonant sounds as well.

The Triangular Crayons brought to you by Melissa and Doug and included with your enrollment are perfect for developing and reinforcing the preferred grip for printing introduced in Early Literacy.

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Counting with Numbers

In Counting with Numbers, your child will learn to identify, write, and understand the meanings of numbers 1-10. The book introduces concepts such as more, less, empty, full, first, and last.

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Religion for Young Catholics—Pre-Kindergarten

There are several books that comprise the Religion course for Pre-K. Beautifully illustrated and presented within the context of a loving Catholic family, Religion for Young Catholics—Pre-Kindergarten provides the tools needed to teach your child about the love our Savior Jesus Christ has for each one of us. The New Catholic Picture Bible fosters a love of Scripture right from the beginning of your child’s education. These simply written Bible stories will delight children time after time.

In God’s Rules for Me, children learn that rules are made to keep us safe, and that the most important rules are God’s rules, the Ten Commandments. Children learn that, like the rules in the games we play, God’s rules teach us to live happily and that the great reward for keeping God’s rules is life in Heaven with Our Lord!

In the Pre-Kindergarten Coloring Book Set, children learn their Faith with large, easy to color pictures. Animals of the Bible contains animals named in the Holy Bible. Christmas Coloring Book is in pictures and rhyme as is the Coloring Book about Saints, which features stories of the lives of saints.

In Miracles of Jesus children read and color familiar Bible stories, and children have lessons to color in the life of Christ, in the Coloring Book about Jesus.

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Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plans

The detailed Lesson Plans walk you through day-by-day instructions and activities with your student.

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