Grade 3 Homeschooling Curriculum

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In Art 3 for Young Catholics, students complete 28 fun projects using household or readily available materials such as clay, paints, and paper.

The unit on paper, for example, has projects on making a mobile, a silhouette, origami pinwheel, and pop-up animals. The book concludes with instruction on art appreciation using various styles of art, such as terra cotta, oil paintings, and stained glass, as examples.

In English 3 for Young Catholics, children learn paragraph writing, review nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. Students study parts of speech and other grammatical concepts in greater depth while learning about St. Josaphat, whose fascinating story runs throughout the exercises.

Topics that are introduced include principal parts of the verb as well as compound subjects and predicates. Students practice punctuation, capitalization, and diagramming.

In Handwriting 3 for Young Catholics, students will do practice exercises using Catholic words and sentences. The course begins with a review of manuscript letter writing and lowercase cursive letter writing, and then shifts emphasis to learning uppercase cursive.

Included is the Seton Handwriting Tablet, 3rd Grade. Seton produced lined paper for extra penmanship practice. 1/2 inch rule, red baseline, broken midline, 8.5″ x 11″ 48 pp.

In History 3 for Young Catholics: The Catholic Faith Comes to the Americas, children learn American history through short biographies of the early discoverers, missionaries and founders of America: Columbus, René de La Salle, Charles Carroll, Mother Seton, and more.

Students continue the integration of geography with their history studies using Map Skills for Today: Grade 3. Topics include: using a map key, using a map scale, and finding distance.

Third graders review addition and subtraction, and continue exploring multiplication and division, including facts through nine.

Other topics covered in Mathematics 3 for Young Catholics include geometry, graphing, fractions, decimals, and solving word problems.

Students learn a collection of over 100 songs organized by liturgical season. 

We Sing and Dance includes music for Advent, Christmastide, and Easter.

In Phonics 3 for Young Catholics, the student reviews the sounds of consonants, short vowels, long vowels, consonant blends, and consonant digraphs. Also, he studies vowel digraphs, vowel and consonant combinations, and compound words. He expands his knowledge of syllables, root words, suffixes, and prefixes, and is introduced to the phonetic symbol the schwa. These phonics skills provide the student with the necessary tools to advance in the process of reading.

A cast of phonics friends appear on many of the pages. The lessons are filled with colorful drawings and a variety of exercises to make learning exciting and enjoyable. Woven throughout the book are images of Catholic cathedrals from around the world, as well as verses and carols that present Catholic values.

Also included is Phonics Labyrinth, a fun and thoroughly Catholic board game themed on Chartres Cathedral in France. As students play the game, they reinforce phonics skills learned throughout the course.

Students develop reading skills using storybooks and short selections from the Faith and Freedom readers: This Is Our TownThis Is Our Valley, and The Story Tree. In third grade, students are able to read more fluently and accurately.

They improve their ability to draw conclusions, sense relationships between ideas, and use clues to discover the meaning of new vocabulary. Stories of St. Joseph and St. Bernadette are provided for the first two book reviews. Students complete book reviews by identifying the book’s title, author, setting, and main characters.

Students conclude the review by writing a paragraph about the story. Reading 3 for Young Catholics: Comprehension builds skills to aid in book reviews.

Students continue to study the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith in the questions and answers of the St. Joseph First Communion Catechism and in Religion 3 for Young Catholics.

Third graders focus on the Ten Commandments and the Mysteries of the Rosary. Students will also read and study Fr. Lovasik’s Our Lady of Fatima.

Science 3 for Young Catholics introduces students to the basics of Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science. Students will begin to discover the solar system, our amazing planet, weather, matter, motion, simple machines, plants, insects, birds, mammals, and more.

In Spelling 3 for Young Catholics, the student listens to the sounds in a word, and then he identifies the letters of the alphabet that make the sounds. He learns how to spell words with short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, vowel digraphs, and vowel sounds that are produced by a variety of vowel and consonant combinations. In addition, he learns the sounds and spelling of commonly used suffixes.

Each lesson has a list of fifteen words plus a challenging bonus word. A variety of activities reinforce the spelling of the list words. In each lesson of Spelling 3 for Young Catholics, there are phrases and sentences that incorporate the spelling list words while presenting wholesome and Catholic values.

In Vocabulary 3 For Young Catholics, your third grader will love the newest workbook in our Vocabulary series! Catholic, lively and colorfully illustrated this new text includes definitions, Catholic-related sentences, and crossword puzzles in every lesson.

24 lessons of 10 words each are presented in sentences about saints, family life, and heroes.

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